DJ Swet & Milano Constantine - Slick Talk

Producido por: DJ Swet

Letra de Slick Talk

$100 bottles of the liquor
Niggas ‘bout to lick off, old ladies and kids saw
Ambulances just dipped off, all they left was his sneakers there
People stare, don’t wanna get caught up in illegal affairs

Breathing impaired, ‘cause you’re stressed, cocaine, resin flesh
Low fade, heritage, it’s all there, I measured it
Blending ends, the easy part, believe me, Lord
Eat with sharks, divided in equal parts, bake it in Cuisinarts

Korean broad into fraud, handbags from Singapore
The odor of the bud linger more your bitch in the figure four
Early we get it off if the orders in
Some call it sin, polar bear pimp, Motorola win

Bagging up in my mom’s crib, we seen the narcs here
Really ain’t supposed to shit where you eat, my pops said
It’s been a hotbed for undercovers and squad cars
Buy my rollies from Akbar on the block with the Carhartt

[Scratches] (x2)
“Milan, I got the mic mounted for slick talk shit. For slick talk shit…”

Yeah… Uh… Fade to black killing us, racist acts
Throw us in a cage, in fact, hustling ‘cause we making scraps
Moms got a work arthritis in her hands, aches in her back
My man caught a case, it’s a wrap, ain’t no debating that

Old-timers yelling: “be patient”, yeah, that fast money
Did something bad to me, crew fronting with mad jewelry
Riviera shit from poverty, how rare is this?
Alfa Romeo kicks, niggas fronting, getting fillet of fish

AMG tints, all you see is my silhouette
Frames from Schapiro, yeah, “Heat”, Robert De Niro set
All this weirdo shit while my heroes built the pyramids
Here it is, salmon on the side, I like it to seared a bit

Just some kings eating D’s, think it’s a ringleader
Spring cleaning Moët Rose, niggas never Jim Beaming
Street dreaming, money stand by me, nigga, River Phoenix
Praying God takes us out the shit, we never pledged allegiance

[Scratches] (x2)
“Milan, I got the mic mounted for slick talk shit. For slick talk shit…”

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