DJ Swet & Milano Constantine - 200 Gram's

Producido por: DJ Swet

Letra de 200 Gram's

I’m tailor-made, so my cloth different
Talk slickest, been up in the water where the sharks swimming
You a bunch of mark niggas: Steven Segal
Central Park nigga, screw face, go and beat you with chrome

Hit the marina in the boat while I’m steaming the choke
I believe in the oath I took, sweet have my loafers look
Fly shit, I wrote the book, 200 grams, I know some cooks
Boca Raton, booked blue water

Niggas shining like the rioters that went through Fordham
Niggas looting, lil’ niggas got bazookas, get bullied, they lit the school up
Rick the Ruler; hey, young world, this a children story
Crack money still enjoying, my niggas dealing to the morning

This that poison like Bell Biv and them
Block on fire, hell’s kitchen lit
Stay in my corner like the dells you listening, moving pharmaceuticals
Hood shit, catch niggas coming out of funerals

Listen: it can be your man, indeed, rolling with a den of thieves
The judge gave ‘em a century, still mobbing like the Genovese
I got a different energy, illuminate your cruiserweight
Been doing this shit since S&S and clue tapes

Olatunji, known to kill drum loops
Live from the jungle, area code 212
In Mecca like I’m Malcolm, yeah
Alpha male, this here soul of mine is not for sale

Saw my first digital scale ‘cause my pops had one
Blocks full of handguns, niggas getting robbed random
Charles Manson shit, gargantuan, Manhattan stripes
Weed color amethyst while niggas plan the hits

Acura Integra with the rims, niggas so 90’s
We some Tommy Hill, ice rocking, niggas don’t mind me
Rose Diamond’s champagne thoughts like I’m O Rhyming
Flow’s almighty, “Where You At”, Pun co-signed me

Taking in jewels from the old-timers
Harlem niggas flying on the bikes look like Ghost Rider
I bought the Moët giant size, it’s that kinda night
Meyer Lansky type, still fighting with the Antichrist

“Who want to test the real scandalize
Spanish kids close to God like evangelist”

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