DJ Swet & Milano Constantine - Intro (con Dano)

Producido por: DJ Swet

Letra de Intro (con Dano)

Yo… Still can’t believe this shit… Like, this dude DJ Swet, what he’s doing is amazing.

Like, for us, over here in Spain, we had nothing. I’m not disrespecting the OGs, like we had some OGs, but we had nothing compared to what you guys had over there.

Like we studied that shit. We went crazy tryna understand every aspect of the beats, the production, the samples, the chopping, the bars, the rhymes, schemes, structure, concepts, content… That was our Bible, bro, DITC is our Bible. Like we grew up on that shit.

For real, is no joke. I’m not tryna fucking create a fucking narrative of some fucking shit. Like this is our life, this is our upbringing, this is our, like, fucking college. This taught us everything.

So, for me, as somebody who’s just witnessing what this dude is doing… Bro, this is legendary.
DJ Swet, Milano. Spain, New York. Barcelona, Manhattan. What up? What the fuck is up?

Yeah… This is block works
Milano Constantine. Tell ‘em!
DJ Swet. Milan…
Yeah, we’re no beginners ‘cause DJ Swet’s at the show just spinning
Milano Constantine

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