DJ Swet & Milano Constantine - Higher Algebra

Producido por: DJ Swet

Letra de Higher Algebra

Yeah… Remember who’s a fucking legend
107, y’all was in the crib before the epidemic
My exoskeleton made of metal, collect ancient relics
Grapes in the cellar, good times wanted to date Thema

On my waist, Helmut Lang, that was a 90’s thing
In the jungle like Caesar, witness a mighty king
Grimy beats, heavy metal, this ain’t Bon Jovi
Sold a hundred nicks on my blocks, like I’m Charles Oakley

Y’all nigga’s mascarpone sweet selling doci out of Al Capone suite
Time for rocking, never get cold feet
Axel Foley, Beverly Hills, Remington Steele
Indy 500 ahead of the field

Digital scale still for the drum set
Malibu rum, yes, dogs sniffing to see where the drugs kept
Yeah, my nigga caught a lick out the rollie store
In a spaceship like Obi-Wan, colors that Kobe wore

[Scratches] (x4)
“My caliber got me thinkin’ on a higher algebra”

Yeah… This shit felling like “Rock The Bells”
Steamed mussel with the pasta shells out of the box Gazelles
Wallies painted with the chocolate swirls. Manhattan keep on making it!
I keep telling niggas my block is thorough

Import, export; what you think I invent for?
Get paid for my lecture, name your best, they’ll get rinsed off
Write with a pitchfork, got it in Bitcoin
Got a few packages taped to your bitch groin

Shit, I’m was self-employed, I hustled passed curfew
$1,000 in shoe box, that was the first rule
Never occurred to you the work was in the Hefty bag
My niggas made a shank out of Plexiglas, Joe Pesci stab

You in the trunk, good fellas, fly gangsta film
Came up in the ranks, for real, writing like Langston still
Riot gear looking like designer wear
My niggas rocking Al-Qaeda beards, it’s looking like that kinda year

[Scratches] (x4)
“My caliber got me thinkin’ on a higher algebra”

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