Cres X !llmind - Way beyond

Producido por: Illmind, Cres

Letra de Way beyond

I´m looking at the sky beyond the limits, mine is infinite.
Illmind symphonies, Cres lyrics.
I don´t care anymore about critics, nope.
I create, all you do is destroy, take note. No gimmicks.
Flow´s so smooth, yeah, mad nice.
Eyes closed, I´m in the booth, rhyme paradise.
Oh, the wave sounds are in me.
Why the fuck are you signed if you sing like Britney?
Things like that, that I don´t understand,
is kind of like women behavior, damn!
Can´t live with out them, hard to live with them...
this shit is serious real.
I was put here to make things happen;
and I really make things happen, word!
On the track no fears, the mic is like I steer,
and I´m a drive my rappin all over the world. yep!

Look is 3:10, a.m. on a friday,
uhm I love it coz I´m writing...
Ojos cerrados, oscuridad, estoy en el espacio...
Hay música y gravedad, repito y no me sacio.
No me sacio, I need this like O2.
My heart beats, the beat´s in my heart, is all you.
It´s all you, vivo enganchado.
Describo un estado; no me preocupa el resultado.
No, no, no, no, mira los pies se han despegado.
Don´t ask me how? Shit, escribía y ha pasado y ya está...
Sale de mí, qué quieres que te diga?
Sale de mí; a tí te cuesta la vida.
Lo siento, I´m sorry for you, for you, for you...
Lo siento I´m sorry for you,
if your flow ain´t shit, man what cha want me to do?

I did tried to tell you they´re not me.
We are way beyond, way beyond, way beyond...
They can´t see (that) hate is not the way,
love is and is way beyond anything...