Cres X !llmind - Stop me (con Skyzoo)

Producido por: Illmind, Cres

Letra de Stop me (con Skyzoo)

I can´t describe this feeling I got, but something is in me,
real big, I feel it when I´m feeling you´re with me.
I feel it when I write, when the beat´s tight, when I´m on-stage yo!!
I never lost the faith in me. (nope)
And never looked for fame.
Just make a living outta what I love, that´s my claim.
That´s me all day practicing on a loop,
like Ricky Rubio does his thing on a hoop;
so what you want from me? uh! I´m this, I´m that...
shit, at least I am, you´re not.
Been on the walls, on the floors, on a mic...yo hit like, dislike,
but fuck it nothing alike Cres & !llmind...
Test the real vibes, yes he kills drums, best to build rhymes... Me!!
Against the world on my way to succeed...
just drop the needle, hit me hard with the music´s everything I need...


Guess I was drawn into too much Mase,
mufuckas couldn't hold me, I'm true to that tape,
you can blame a maxi single for who I became,
better believe I intrigued em to do what they say,
said I'm one of a cut few, one who can touch stoops,
they was tryna follow I'm the one to adjust to,
the wonderful just due,
did it for the spirit and that spirit had us living and in love wit what lust do,
the irony of everything that it comes to,
came to it first like I'm slinging my nuts too,
pardon where I took it,
figured it was worth it and regardless how it's looking y'all arguably mistook it,
so I explain whatever they want when it was cooking,
and my next chain will prolly be my heart on top of Brooklyn,
love us for the grind, respect us for the night,
jump in front the lines, never saw a sight...