Cres - ¿Me dices a mí?

Producido por: M-Phazes

Letra de ¿Me dices a mí?

I do believe the way I sound, polishing my rhymes.
you´re getting demolished by the illest flow in the spanish underground.
Making shit happen with the pen.
Rappin like crazy...
this shit it´s dedicated to Kase.
Aight bitches, who´re you talking trash about?
Bout time I crashed the spot, hip hop just blew the fuck out!!
My name Cres, my punch-lines fresh. Get depressed.
Laughing out loud at those that think they´re the best.
Who? You will beat me? Defeat me?
Not even with your whole crew!
You gotta a clue of who the fuck I am?
I´m too sick B-Boy. Ready to kill toys, to make noise.
2 double 0 9 got that BOOM like Royce...
And Premo. I´m on the cut with M-Phazes, good gracious!
you gonna fucking flip when you face this.
It´s nobody else but me on the m-i-c.
Unique when I speak, when i spit, feel the ecstasy, mothafucka!!

I dislike the jelousy, the envy, those wanna be mc´s.
They got 0% of attitude, their heartis empty.
The ones that critize behind the screen and the keys with a fake nick..
Fake peeps in this business is a bad disease.
The girls you rock look beautiful in your video clip.
But that´s what you need to do to sell. Coz your style ain´t shit.
The script gets flipped so please forgive me.
I might light a splif, but never sniff like Whitney.
I need live rappers that don´t need coke to get pumped.
For me is more than enough the crowd and when a beat gets dropped.
For you not, then we might have a different view.
Now I understand, always B.S. in every interview.
You got the money, cars and bitches...but not real props,
I got rhymes that put in your selfsteem steeches.
I´m true to myself, to the kids and always will be.
Fuck crack. I don´t pack steel...still feel me?

At this point I´m destroying the wax,
see the capacity I´ve got to flow on a track,
to chop your platinum plack.
Just fell in my trap, too many wacks wanna rap…
No nothing about the elements,
that´s why they got written over by this cat!!
Like Cap did back in the days.
There was a Styles War going-on on the rail with the spray.
I do it with respect with my verses, no curses;
I got a rep and represent dawg!
Now you know who the first is…
So ill…for you is unreal when I spread my skill.
I drill you with words.
An overdose of flows spilled with will…
they seal mouths, for me is natural.
Tight like the battles of Craig G, Juice and Supernatural…(like)
...Top-to-bottoms, whole trains, end-to-ends.
Bboy cyphas, Dj´s…it all has sense.
Influenced by life and specially 2
as far as the music goes…this one´s for you!!