SD Kong - Alla Norma (con D.Phillips)

Producido por: Nicholas Craven

Letra de Alla Norma (con D.Phillips)

[SD Kong]
Ya sabes qué hora es ah

No nos conoces, mothafucka’, we young dioses
bosses en el once, four courses, I eat posers
I think I broke it (I think I broke it)

Tengo tangerine dreams, my fiends quieren su medicine
Hashashin, entro en la scene pristine clean
Con mi doble visado, no será televisado
I’m a teen Shyheim spittin’ sixteen desde el estrado

(Yo) Riding a Tahoe, they call me Pablo
Contando chavos, rooftop vibes, Marcialago
Ready to die slow, steady I count those
Fetti my eyes closed (eyes closed) I despise foes, Clearly I'm times four (times four)

I break bread with deserving men
Leave squares out of my circle, don't try angles fam
Most men are too scared to comprehend, the dollar brand
While we sell stems like it's contraband

[SD Kong]
Damn, don’t get it mixto como cheese & ham (shit’s stupid)
visto como escupo, estricto, fam, hijo de Sam with the rhymes
Damn he’s nice, they fans in desguise
I fantasize with big things while they plan mi demise, yikes

Everyday I see you, voces en el pasillo (en el pasillo)
zorra, I made you look como la vieja del visillo
Medium rare, como mi solomillo, can’t compare el brillo (bitch)
lo trato como a mio fillo

I speak real, self conscious with rhymes
rappers get tossed at the vine, thinking they bars are like mine
Mind state a boss I'm divine, suitcase filled with desires (what)
the path of the green notes will come with all the fires (shit)

Me and SD bringing a thousand voices
to prove the non believers and the fakes like Gracie Royce did
This rollie on your wrist cause a man so many choices
but time is all we got, so I'mma spend it, regardless