MDE Click - Intro (con Infinite7Mind)

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Letra de Intro (con Infinite7Mind)

Peace, peace
I go by the name of Infinite Mind, Allah
You know? That means the universal black man
The universe is infinite, shit... The universe is black, you know?
Man, man is the... physical manifestation of his mind
The full representation of his thoughts
¿? so he is
I mean, just look at the way, look at the child is born
You know. First, in orden for man to get an erection, brain
Blood rushes from the brain, down to his divine eye, carrying the electrical charges, you know I'm sayin? Through blood
Creatin' this plasmic, thick form of blood that we know as sperm
When man is at a point of ejaculation, all thought is concentrated on the point of climax, you know?
So when he ejaculates, he ejaculates that thought
That thought in the form of sperm, and the form of sperm is like the head of the tail, that's the brain in the spinal column, you know?
Tellin' you that there's already intellingence in that sperm, using it's instict, finding it's way to the egg, to the ¿?, in order to fully create himself, his fisiology, his anatomy, his muscles, his organs, you know?
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad always told us, if you want to know how the universe was created, how God was born: study the world