Gaspar - Clothes Off

Producido por: Quiroga

Letra de Clothes Off

Yeah, right here my dear
smooth talk u and me
Sippin’ some Chandon
yeah baby, c’mon

We gotta keep this beat alive
I lose myself every time you smile
I know you’re somethin’ like a femme fatale
yeah yeah yeah

Lemme re-fill your empty cup
warm it up with some more King Cole
Feeling comfortable
it’s gon’ be sensational

I’m gonna take your (woo) hand slowly
quickly you get (huh) closer to me
U know it’s now or never
a new story forever yeah yeah…

On me
Kiss me
Why we still dressed?

Take that beautiful dress off
No lingerie girl I freak out
Let the neighbours hear you screaming loud
Baby girl Imma give u my all

Baby tell me what’s your fantasy
We gon’ make it (woo) a reality
Mirrors on the wall
It’s gon be sensational

Scratch my back (damn) So hardly
Make me lose composure badly
You know it's now or never
A new story forever yeah

On me
Kiss me
Why we still dressed?

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